Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post-Election.....the Beat goes on

An amazing grassroots victory for Glenda Ritz who campaigned almost solely on the idea that Tony Bennett had gone too far, bereated teachers, and ultimately was a tool for larger political forces.  But, remember that many activists would argue that voting is the lowest form of civic engagement.  There is always more to do.   For you consideration.....the battle in Indiana doesn't seem to be over, folks.  Looks like the State Board of Education plans to ignore the will of the people.  This seems like a reasonable request offered in today's Indy Star.  Thoughts?

Wait for Ritz to take helm before moving on

With the elections behind us, leaders of both parties have called for national unity. In his concession speech, Gov. Mitt Romney called for government at all levels to put the people before the politics. I hope that will be the case here in Indiana, where the people have spoken about the pace and direction of education reform.

Perhaps one of the first tests will be the Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability II (REPA II) proposals now before the state Board of Education. This body, chaired by the superintendent of public instruction, is scheduled to meet Dec. 5 under the current administration. Though the agenda has not been announced yet, indications are they’ll consider REPA II.

REPA II changes would lower standards for teacher and school leader preparation in the state. For example, REPA II would make it possible for someone to become licensed to teach just by taking a standardized test. It would also lower academic requirements to become a school principal. REPA II would de-professionalize teaching at a time when our students need great teachers most.
During the required period of public comment on REPA II, more than 99 percent of Hoosiers who submitted testimony spoke against the proposals. The state board should defer action on REPA II until Superintendent-elect Glenda Ritz is inaugurated. Then, under her leadership, it should table REPA II for good.

Approving a policy so overwhelmingly opposed by citizens of Indiana would not be putting people before politics.
Gerardo M. Gonzalez
Dean, School of Education


  1. Me gusta mucho estas estrategias de enseñanza que se mencionan en el Blog. Por este niño realmente disfrutar del aprendizaje de este método de aprendizaje.

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