Monday, September 24, 2012

A Timeline of the Battle in Indy

Dear concerned citizen:     Over the past three-plus months, local and state print media have picked up on the value of a dialogue around the future of education in Indianapolis. A slew of commentaries, blogs, and stories from a wide variety of sources including NUVO, the Indianapolis Star and now even the Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette are providing readers a variety of view points to help them make informed decisions about the future of public education.  In particular is the commentary on local education issues from someone outside Marion County by a Ft. Wayne newspaper editor /blogger.
Black & Latino Policy Institute/ Parent Power / Education-Community Action Team
September 6The problem is not parents”
Here’s the link to a commentaryThe problem is not parents; it's a crisis in democracy” by Councilor Jose Evans published in NUVO’s Perspectives on Education.
 September 9Daring to trust parents”
Here’s the link to Indy Star columnist Dan Carpenter on the issues surrounding Local School Council proposal he titled, “Daring to trust parents…”
 September 12Coming to a school near you…”
The Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette editorial writer Karen Francisco published a blog she titled:
“Coming to a school near you…”
 September 13 “Our schools can benefit from self-government”
Here’s the link to the Letter to the Editor published in the Star regarding the Local School Council proposal he presented: “Our schools can benefit from self-government”
 August 22 “A grassroots approach to school reform”
NUVO article on the Local School Council Plan
 In mid-June, NUVO began an on-line forum for written commentaries regarding education called “Perspectives in Education. “
 June 14 : Here’s the link to the first Perspectives on Education by community activist Wes Bernard, “What is the purpose of education?” where is argues that education is really all about skillfully drawing out of what is inside the student, establishing and fortifying the students' identity and competence and their place in community and society.
 June 21: Here’s link to comments by educator Jeffery C. White on urban education reforms around the idea that the cluster of incompetent administrators in IPS warrants significant change right now.
June 28: Here’s the link to essay from local writer Doug Martin concerning those who study the corporate school movement realize that "autonomy" is merely a code word for letting charter school leaders do anything they desire to collect a hefty profit.
July 5: Here’s the link to teacher Annette Magjuka’s essay on the issue of how we provide free public education for all citizens, so even poor children can compete. But unfortunately, all public education is not equal.
July 12: Here’s link to the essay by IPS teacher Mary Noland on how it is terribly frustrating to hear people who are NOT teachers talk about reform, and add to that the term "accountability."
 August 16: Here’s the link to a commentary from our local NAACP encouraging participation in a new round of talks on education, adhering to the philosophy that "if you are not on the table, you are on the menu." The essay encourages a wide variety of citizens respond to the “What’s possible?” conversations so that solutions to the problems that we did not create should not be left to the politics of power, status, and wealth.
 June 8: Here’s link to NUVO story on “In the Mind Trust we trust?
August 15: Introduction letter to the Local School Council proposal by Jose Evans


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