Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Man Mitch

Much has happened here in Indiana as part of the so-called "education reform" movement.  Governor Daniels, not yet announced Presidential candidate, is clearly going to tought these efforts as part of his domestic agenda.  Nevermind that he's cut the budgets for public schools every year he's been in office (recession or not).  Now, tax money is diverted to private schools (recession or not), teachers are easier to fire, and the floodgates are open for charters. Remember too that "my man mitch" is on record as saying, "if I could privatize education tomorrow, I'd do it."  He would sell off our schools, our kids, and our future.


  1. It is interesting to note that the description of who the Indiana Citizens for Public Education are at the top of this blog states that they are "NOT...anti-charter school," while this post attacks Mitch's decision to make it easier for charters to open. Clearly the author(s) of this blog are not nearly as impartial as they wish to appear.

  2. I bet the author(s) of this blog feel silly after having labeled Governor Daniels as a "not yet announced Presidential candidate." Why don't you reserve your judgments for facts and events that actually transpire instead of fomenting unnecessary and ridiculous political gossip, for everyone's sake.