Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vouchers in Indiana

"In the cities, vouchers would quickly solidify a two-tiered educational system consisting of nonpublic schools and pauper schools.  That development would impoverish us all, because it would represent an abandonment of efforts to improve education for disadvantaged youngsters, who are already a majority in most US cities."
-Mary Anne Raywid, Public Choice, yes; Vouchers, no! 1987

Mitch Daniels Voucher Plan
"The voucher proposal — backed by state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett — is sure to be controversial but is expected to be well-received by a majority of Republicans in the Indiana House and Senate. Two years ago, Republicans won approval for a much more modest program that provides tax credits to individuals who contribute to private school scholarships."




  1. this is my second attempt to post this comment, so if it's a repeat, I apologize.
    Ms. Raywid made her prediction over 20 years ago, and it has not come to pass. If anything, the majority of charter schools I am aware of cater to the specific needs of the "disadvantaged." (With varying degrees of success) The academic establishment seems oblivious to the revolution already well under way in American education. While bureacrats continue to cling to decades old arguments, their academy is being disassembled brick by brick.

  2. To the comment: This is not about charters, but vouchers--two very different things.

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