Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daniels & Bennett Try to Mislead the Public on Education Reform

The Indy Star has been trying to piece together the intricacies of this but the bottom line is this: Governor Daniels and Superintendent Bennett are trying to claim a victory when they don't have one. In other words, they aren't telling the truth.  This does close to nothing to Schools of Education as those programs have been content rich and accessible to second-career teachers for a decade.  This is all political smoke-and-mirrors but misrepresent so blatantly is clearly a sign of things to come.  Shameful.
New rules for teacher licenses are signed

Daniels touts the effort, but some educators say not much will change

Indiana educators will have to know more than how to teach under new teacher licensing rules signed Tuesday by Gov. Mitch Daniels.
They'll also have to master the subjects they want their students to learn.  The regulations, which take effect July 31, "will transform dramatically what is expected of new teachers in Indiana to receive a teaching license," Daniels said.
However, some educators downplayed the effect of the new licensing rules.
"Most of our students already have the equivalent of a major (in the subject they'll teach), if not more," said Robert Helfenbein Jr., assistant professor of teacher education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. "To claim that this is a major reform is rather hollow."
The rules, approved unanimously earlier this year by the state's Professional Licensing Board, still lets teachers for Grades 5-12 major in education, as long as the program's requirements meet or exceed the course requirements for other degrees in the subject they plan to teach. Or those teachers can major in the field they intend to teach while getting a minor or second major in education.



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