Thursday, February 4, 2010

Failing the Children in Indiana

Indiana Citizens agrees that the Indy Star needs to be congratulated for continuing to push the conversation on public education--long overdue.   This article says that the problem lies in "parents who took too little interest, teachers who were inept, a school district bureaucracy that is unresponsive and a community uncertain how to help" but a piece that is missing is the continued cut to funding for public education which translates to bigger class size, lack of counselors and social workers in schools, and good professional development for teachers.  This is a big gap in the analysis....calling for volunteers and mentors is a good thing of course but don't forget that the city has to do it because the state has left its children out in the cold.

Posted: January 31, 2010

1. Children start out behind >and many never catch up.

2. Without the ability to read, their options will narrow.

3. Teachers are key: Two bad ones in a row, and a child may never catch up.

4. Children's basic needs must be met before they can learn.

5. When children change schools or homes, education suffers.

6. For good or for ill, kids will take their cues from parents and neighbors.

7. Without their community, students can't succeed.

8. Children won't have a chance to learn if outside distractions can't be controlled.

9. Children are held back by a sprawling, unwieldy bureaucracy that gets in the way.

Lesson: Failing the children fails the community. It's our future, too.


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