Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good News on REPA?

Could be good news from the Indiana Professional Standards Board Meeting yesterday.....we'll wait for it in writing until we celebrate.  Just to reiterate, Indiana Citizens is all for institutions training teachers looking hard at their programs and what works for Indiana children--in no way do we support the status quo.  But, this move by the DOE and the Governor's Office was so blatantly political, disingenuous, and ignorant of the data that it had to taken on.   Hoosiers did.  With more public outcry on this proposal than any other education policy in memory......maybe this is one for the people.

One Observer:  "Based on the meeting today the limitations on education credit hours will be removed.  Secondary students must have the content courses that are equivalent to a content major [which they already do!].  This will mean Schools of Education may have to do some tweaking with the content courses to be sure they are the same as a major.  .....  Otherwise it appears all the other limitations will be removed." 

What have you heard??


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