Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bennett and Daniels are Completely Ignoring All of Us, We Must Speak Louder

How disingenuous are Gov. Daniels and Dr. Bennett? Read the following article from the Howey Report to find out. They have taken the thousands of voices that have spoken out against REPA as evidence to continue with reforms that are dangerous for all students in Indiana. Three hearings in which the overwhelming majority spoke out against REPA, a petition signed by thousands and yet they feel that they can continue on in the face of such criticism? Gov. Daniels arrogantly says further input isn't necessary as the DOE has collected a "ton of input." Indiana Citizens say that we still have time to voice our concerns. Share this website with others and urge them to contact the Indiana Department of Education and tell them that they have no right to ignore other voices in this debate.

Indiana Department of Education
151 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone: 317-232-6610
Fax: 317-232-8004

DANIELS, BENNETT VOW TO PASS REFORMS: Indiana schools chief Tony Bennett on Tuesday dismissed criticism of his plan to revamp the state’s teacher licensing standards, saying some in higher education oppose it because they fear how they eventually could be impacted (Callahan, Associated Press). Bennett told members of the Indiana Education Roundtable, an advisory group that includes lawmakers, educators and business leaders, that his proposed changes are needed to help bring more top-notch teachers into Indiana’s schools. “We have to have a newer method of preparing our teachers,” he told the gathering.  the right direction,” Daniels said. The governor also said he did not see a need for more public The roundtable met one day after representatives of several education colleges offered scathing criticism of Bennett’s proposals at the last of three public hearings on the matter. They said the plan had been inadequately researched, would not improve the quality of the state’s teachers, was moving too quickly and urged the state to slow things down. Bennett rejected that criticism at Tuesday’s meeting. “There is really no need to slow down. Right now we should be more concerned if we’re not speeding up. I think it is the time to act,” he said. After the meeting on the IUPUI campus, Gov. Mitch Daniels defended the licensing proposals, saying testimony before the board showed the revisions proposed by Bennett are “long overdue.” “Today we heard that there’s no time to waste. This is absolutely headed inhearings on the matter, as critics have called for, because the Indiana Department of Education had collected “a ton of input” on Bennett’s proposals.


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