Sunday, October 18, 2009

Speak Now or....

   Not much time remains for public comment on the disastrous policies of Tony Bennett and Mitch Daniels.  At every step they've tried to use the process to keep the citizens out of the process (meetings during the workday, limited online comments only, and misinformation).  Luckily, by law you do have the right to make comments on the proposal but only a short to do so.  They are counting on our silence.

Public Comment:

October 27 - Rochester
October 29 - Scottsburg
November 2 - Indianapolis



  1. Will commenting really matter?

  2. it has to be taken into consideration by law.....there already have been some compromises but i do know that silence will surely get us nothing.

  3. Details on the Public Hearings for REPA proposed rules changes

    Oct 27 Rochester High School 10:00 am

    Oct 29 Scottsburg Middle School 10:00 am

    Nov. 2 Indianapolis-State Library 10:00 am