Saturday, September 19, 2009

Race to the Bottom?

The proposed changes to teacher licensure in Indiana (read it here) represent a radical shift in the way we train and continue to develop teachers in our state. Many people are extremely concerned that in the name of reform, a political fight is actually in the works that ends up lowering standards for our state's teachers. One person who testified at the last meeting of the Standards Board called it a "Race to the Bottom."

Most of the claims made in justifying such such a radical restructuring are baseless, without data, and in some cases just plain wrong. The public isn't currently paying attention, but in fact, public questions and outcry might be the only thing can save us from such disastrous, misinformed policy. We urge you, as Indiana citizens, parents, and educators: SPREAD THE WORD. Here is a collection of links related to the proposed changes. Your awareness, comments, and feedback are critical. Thank you for your time!

State's Plan to Reshape Coursework Draws Complaints

This Is No Time to Water Down or Eliminate Requirements
Counterpoint by IUPUI Dean, Pat Rogan

Response to Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability
Indiana Association of Colleges of Education Press Release

Lowering State Standards?
Ft. Wayne Editorial
More links can be found in the sidebar. We urge you to please contact the Professional Standards Advisory Board Members to share your views.


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